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2020 is nearly over and we think it's safe to say, everyone is relieved about that! This year has been a strange and difficult year for all of us, and we are all routing for a better year in 2021.

Our homes have seen many trends and lockdown DIYs this year, we thought it would be fun to do some research and find out what interior colours and trends that are set to be on trend in 2021! Keep reading to find out the new colour paletes and decor styles are for next year!

Colour Trends for 2021


Navy has slowly made it's way into people's homes in subtle ways over the past few years and we were excited to learn that it has been announced as one of 2021's interior trend colours. 

Many may be put off navy as they may not be sure to style it, however we have found that it looks great with a lot more colour palettes than we anticipated!

Pair with neutrals, warm browns and plenty of textured rugs and throws for more of a scandi and natural vibe, or create the ultimate space that oozes luxury by combining navy with brass accents such as lamps or side tables along with blush pinks or monochrome tones in order for the navy elements to remain the focal points. If you're feeling very adventurous, pair a bold navy wallpaper alongside an accent chair with a pop of colour such as mustard yellow or burnt orange.

Cult Furniture

Engblad & Co

Roseland Furniture


Marlo Living

Earthy Greens and Neutrals

This colour palette has been highly inspired by nature and all things organic! We think this is the perfect colour palette if you are looking for a warm but rustic feel to your space. 

Pair deep khaki greens with textured off whites and rattan accent furniture along with woodland animal themed cushions or ornaments to create a harmoniously inviting and earthy feel in your home.

Value Lights

Marlo Living


The Rug Seller


Warm Greys and Mustard Yellow

Grey has been on trend for years now, but next year's trends are predicting that warm greys will be more on trend than your typical cool grey tones that everyone was decorating their house in since 2016. 

We've done some research and learned that warm greys along with mellow yellows are in fact, the two Pantone colours for 2021, and we can definitely see why! Yellow can be seen as a rare colour to be used in interior design, however when paired with warm greys and monochrome accents, we think it can look pretty magnificent and refreshing! 

If you are apprehensive about using too much yellow to begin with, introduce some subtle elements here and there like a vase, lamp shade and if you're feeling bold - an accent chair looks so chic with warm grey walls and black and white accents.


Englad & Co

Maisons Du Monde


Lifestyle Furniture

Deep Mauves and Blush tones

Warm pinky tones and rich merlot hues are the ultimate recipe to adding a luxurious feel to your space. This beautiful warm and feminine colour palette is a staple for next year and we are a little bit obsessed with it!

Mauves, burgundys and blush pink can be seen as too matchy-matchy, however when styled correctly - we think not at all!

Just make sure you add plenty of textures like velvets and silks along with rustic pink accent vases an bold and alluring prints and voile! 


La Redoute

Cult Furniture


My Furniture

Decor Trends for 2021


Have you spotted wall hangings and decor pieces that look a little like this and wondered what they are? Well they are in fact, Macramé!

This is a textile technique that uses a method of knotting, rather than weaving or knitting, and we think it's pretty stylish if we do say so! This style of decor has peeped it's way in through 2020 and it is definitely here to stay!

The textures and funky fringing that this unique textile method creates, adds the ultimate bohemian and scandi touch to any space. And we are here for it!

Oliver Bonas



Minimalist wall art

Line art and paintings made it's way into style in 2020 and it is here to stay! This simplistic yet abstract form of art adds an area of interest and is a real conversation starter for any room. The loosely painted lines can be interpreted as many things to different people, the most popular seem to be of the human form which we love! Not only does this chic style of art go with almost any decor style, we are also celebrating and embracing the female form in our homes. 

We have always spotted quite a few line drawings that are just simple loose single line drawings, which can be a great option if you are looking to add some subtle art to your walls. We've included some of favourite picks out there right now!




Dried plants & flowers

If you've never heard of dried pampas grass and flower bouquets, you must have been living under a rock these past few months! It has been making appearances on our favourite home accounts on the gram lately and we are not mad at it!

Pampas grass originates from South America and when dried, it's feathery and fluffy plumes can be used to create beautiful flower arrangements alongside other dried flowrs and plants.

It also lasts up to three years, we can see why people love it so much! Little to no aftercare and it looks amazing. Win, win!

Little Deer

Reflections and Glory


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