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Roof Window Blind FAQs

1. What roof window brands can you supply blinds for?

At WeLoveBlinds.com we supply blinds to fit Velux and Fakro roof windows.

2 How do I find the size of my roof window?

Whether it's Velux or Fakro,  open your roof window and locate the serial plate on the window.

Some older models of Fakro may display a serial number rather than a size. In this case please measure the exact glass size and either email us the size along with the serial number to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us on: 0800 009 2959 and we will be able to advise.

3. Are your roof window blinds blackout fabric?

Yes, all our roof window blinds are made from high quality blackout fabric. All our blinds are guaranteed for 3 years and comply with child safety regulations.

4. How are your roof window blinds operated?

All our roof window blinds are operated by a simple tension spring mechanism. to lower your blind, pull the handle downwards. The blind will hold at any position when you let go. To raise the blind, gently push the handle back towards the glass and keep the handle in this position, this will release the lock and the blind will rise. Let go of the handle and the blind will stop.

6. I've just ordered my roof window blinds, how long until they are delivered?

Once you have ordered your new roof window blinds we get to work on your order. They are normally dispatched within 7 days, direct from our UK based production facility.

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