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How to clean wooden Venetian blinds?

Top tips for cleaning your Venetian blinds

How to clean wooden Venetian blinds?

Top tips for cleaning your Venetian blinds

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that the world has gone a little bit cleaning crazy, all thanks to the wonderful Mrs Hinch! If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about then you should definitely check her Instagram out: @mrshinchhome. She’s been transforming people’s attitude to mundane cleaning tasks around the home with her new book and daily videos. She dishes out tips on how to clean anything, from your fridge to your carpets and everything in between.

So, in the spirit of Mrs Hinch, we thought we would help you get spotlessly clean wooden Venetians in your home. Venetian blinds are a convenient, practical and aesthetic way to dress your window, however, they can be a headache to clean. Wooden Venetian blinds, in particular, need to be cleaned with care to protect them from damage.

Here are our top tips for cleaning wooden Venetian blinds:

Removing dust from Venetian blinds

Dust your blinds with a feather duster, microfiber cloth or even the brush attachment on your vacuum. Close the blinds and dust this side. Then, reverse the blinds and dust the other side. Take note: Mrs Hinch’s top tip is to run a tumble dryer sheet over each slat to help repel dust.

We always recommend dusting once a week to help keep your wood Venetian blinds clean and beautiful.

Cleaning grime from Venetian blinds

If you haven’t cleaned your blinds in a while, it’s possible that dust or dirt can be too caked on to simply dust it away. In this case, you’ll need to do a little more scrubbing. Here’s the best way:

  • Fill a basin with warm water and add a teaspoon of mild detergent. Alternatively, you can fill a shallow bowl with white vinegar, an effective natural cleaner.
  • Using a clean cloth in the soapy water or vinegar and tightly wring most of the water out. Your cloth should be a little damp, not wet.
  • Close the blinds then start in the top left corner, run the damp cloth along one slat at a time. When the cloth gets dirty, rinse it and wring it out again. If you come across stubborn stains, pause to give them a gentle scrub.
  • Work your way across and down the blinds until you’ve cleaned all the slats. Then, flip the blinds and repeat the process on the other side.
  • Dry both sides of the blinds with a clean dry cloth and run a tumble dryer sheet over each slat to help repel dust.

Deep cleaning wooden Venetian blinds

Extremely dirty blinds may need some deep cleaning. Remember to always stick with a mild detergent or white vinegar, even for this as household cleaners and bleach could damage the finish. Here’s how to deep clean wooden Venetian blinds:

  • Remove the blinds and lay them on an old sheet.
  • Vacuum up loose dust and debris.
  • Use the same cleaning technique for removing everyday grime. Because the blinds are laying on the floor and not hanging up, you can really scrub them.
  • Dry the blinds thoroughly, re-hang them and run a dryer sheet over each slat to help repel dust.

There you have it! It’s easy to get clean wooden Venetians to be proud of. Once you’ve done a deep clean, it’s easy to keep on top of. You can always add a quick weekly dusting to your #freshnupfriday list with Mrs Hinch!

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