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Your bedroom is your haven. It’s the place where you go to relax after a long day at work. It should be a space that you truly adore since it’s the room that you begin and end every day in!

So, if you are thinking about redesigning your bedroom, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to tell you about our favourite ways to decorate a white bedroom.

You might be thinking “why white?” “It’s so plain!” well… not only is white the perfect way to fit any aesthetic but more importantly your aesthetic. It’s also a colour that brings us really positive thoughts according to a number of psychology studies. When we have been presented with the colour white, it often reminds us of peacefulness, brings calmness and refreshes us… which is exactly what you want going to bed and waking up!

We are here to change your mind about a white bedroom; it’s a great base colour to start the decorating off; not only can you keep it neutral, but you can also add splashes of colour, or even get creative with some bold patterns. 

White with Soft Furnishings

Styling with white, off-whites and greys will bring a clean crisp look to your newly designed room.

Add some soft furnishings like a fluffy white rug with a matching footstool along with plenty of white and grey pillows for added comfort. Make your room feel cosy and aid your sleep at night with a chunky knit blanket on your bed. 

To ensure you don’t get blinded in the morning, add in a Cotton White Roman blind to finish off your room. This simple aesthetic blind won’t divert your eyes away from the focal points in the room but will add a blackout ensuring the sun doesn’t wake you up before your alarm.

Hints of pastels and blues

A white-based room with a blue tonal palette will bring a lovely cool tone to your bedroom. 

Having these pastel and blue colours associated with your bedroom is going to remind you of the calmness of the sea and the endless possibilities (sky being the limit). Blue is also considered to symbolise faith, confidence and wisdom. Not only is the colour beneficial for your mind and body because it slows human metabolism and brings calmness but it will also encourage a healthy sleeping pattern. 

Adding traditional patterned bedding and accessorising with white, dark blue and similar colours will bring texture and contrast to your room. With a cosy white overthrow, bring your bed to bring together in front of a coloured feature wall. 

To finish off your room, we recommend keeping it simple with some Cotton White Aluminum Venetian blinds. Adding these white blinds will not only tie the whole room together but also add the functionality of light and privacy control that you need.  

Minimalist Nordic

Nordic interior design is all about minimalism with neutral colours and cosy accessories. 

By having white bedding, styled alongside a simple but cosy throws or cushions with a traditional but simplistic pattern you can create the contemporary edge you’ve been dreaming of! 

Keeping it very simple you can decorate the room as little as possible; modern metal-based bedside tables with a lamp or two, a few botanical plants and a neutral, stylish rug can tie the whole thing together.

Finish off the room with a Plain Polar White Venetian blind; keeping in line with your minimalistic theme! Clear room, clear mind - a great way to encourage healthy, deep sleep.

White Botanical

Bring the outdoors in! A white botanical themed bedroom will breathe life into your home. The fresh green from the plants really stands out against the white, opening up the room and making it look alive and bright. 

Decorating your bedroom with plain white bedding, and some botanical themed pillows and a coloured throw will start off this design. 

Next, add some plants; Sansevieria, Aloe Vera and Spider plants are ideal for your bedroom. Or, if you would like something with a little less responsibility, then some fake plants will do the job as well!

Keep your accessories simple, plain and white. You don’t want the room to be overpowered with colours or ‘stuff’. The colour green colours represent nature, which immediately soothes the mind with thoughts of health and restfulness.  According to some medical sleep studies, plants and natural leaves in a bedroom can even boost the room’s oxygen levels during the day leading to reduced stress and encouraging deeper sleep at night! 

Encourage your plants to grow with lots of sunlight. We recommend our Snow-White Wooden Venetian blind that allows you to control light and privacy with ease. 

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