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It’s time to settle an age-old debate: Do roller blinds go inside or outside the recess/frame?

At WeLoveBlinds, we receive questions pertaining to this topic on an almost-daily basis. Therefore, we have decided to create this informative article to provide you with the essential information for fitting roller blinds correctly. If you have recently given up your dated curtains for a more modern and fashionable roller blind-look, then this post is for you!

Can you fit roller blinds outside the recess?

You may be thinking: ‘What is a window recess?’ In basic terms, when a window does not sit flush on a wall, a recess is created. You’ve probably seen one before; many homeowners tend to set plants in them because of their significant exposure to sunlight. But other than housing cacti and the like, window recesses generally aren’t used for much.

Fitting a roller blind outside of a window recess typically causes no issue in terms of lost space. However, in order to cover the entirety of the frame, the blind itself will need to be larger in size than that of its inside-recess counterpart.

A benefit to fitting roller blinds outside of a recess is the increase in light that it produces. With inside-recess roller blinds, light can be restricted by the bracket located at the top of the window. Conversely, when a roller blind bracket is fitted outside of a recess, it will be situated far above the top of the window itself, enabling the maximum amount of light exposure possible. This is key considering a main reason for switching from curtains to blinds is to increase the amount of natural light within living spaces.

Can you fit roller blinds inside the recess?

Surely you can’t fit roller blinds inside the recess as well? In fact, this is actually the most popular blind fitting method! Although the top of the window will be covered by the roller blind bracket, fitting blinds inside recesses can actually achieve a more precise and angled look — something which the minimalists will love! Moreover, if the blind will typically be rolled down, such as the case in bathrooms, the top bracket location won’t matter as much.

Remember we talked about how homeowners tend to use window recesses for plants, picture frames and so on? Well, with inside recess roller blinds, you can have the best of both worlds. This is because of the way in which the blinds can be lowered completely without covering the sill and the ornaments that are placed there.

Fitting roller blinds with WeLoveBlinds.com

Want to know more about fitting roller blinds? Click here to view our informative PDF that takes you through the process step-by-step. To select from our extensive range of made to measure roller blinds, visit our Roller Blinds page and choose from a variety of colours and patterns — with fast delivery to the UK and Ireland!

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