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Why Grey is Here to Stay

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It seems everywhere you look, all you can see is grey. Our Instagram and Pinterest feed seems to be packed full of grey interiors. Why? What is it about grey that everyone is so obsessed with?

Well...Grey makes the perfect base to express your individual taste and style throughout your home. There are endless possibilities for putting your own unique twist on it and that’s why we believe grey is here to stay.

Using Grey in Your Home

Grey is the ideal colour to showcase your favourite metallics or add pops of colour. It also works amazingly well with bright florals or patterns. Because it’s a cool colour, adding depth and texture is ideal. Love velvet? Sure, why not throw a bit of that in there too?

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for a room, it’s always tempting to go with a bold, of-the-moment base colour. If you’re brave enough for bright Mustard or deep Teal this year, we salute you. But for some of us, being this bold on our walls just isn’t always an option. Not all rooms have the right shape or flow of light for that kind of strong colour all over - so instead, we rely on trusty grey colour palettes as a base.

Grey paint, with its versatile ability to be both crisp or warm, feathery light or atmospherically deep makes it the perfect colour to start with. We recommend keeping your grey colour scheme simple, you could say almost neutral, then adding that POP of colour with your furniture.

Think bright, think bold, think pattern, think texture! Striking block colours work particularly well with light grey walls and floors.

When it comes to accessories and furniture, you have the luxury of choosing whatever metallic finish you want! Not only does grey match perfectly with silver, but it also lends itself to gold and of course, partners with very current rose-gold that has been popping up everywhere over the last couple of years.

When choosing bright coloured, statement furniture, we always recommend keeping the rest of the furnishings in the room simple. A Charcoal Venetian Blind makes for the perfect window dressing. Charcoal Wooden Blinds, give you full control over the amount of light that floods into your room while keeping your windows stylish and chic.

If you don’t want to divert attention from your statement pieces within the room, keep soft furnishings such as rugs, blankets and cushions textured, rather than overly floral or patterned.

The beauty of grey is how it allows for an array of different textures which add depth and a cosy feel to your home.

Grey colour schemes have been going strong for a few years now, but are showing no signs of losing popularity or changing. While other colour trends emerge over the coming years, we grey will definitely remain due to its versatility and functionality.

Charcoal Grey Venetian Blinds

At WeLoveBlinds we’ve got a massive range of Wooden Venetian blinds in loads of stylish shades of Grey. Right now, we’re loving this stunning Charcoal Wooden Blind that will fit perfectly with your grey interiors this season - and the best bit about it is, you can now pay with KLARNA.

Shop now, pay later. Klarna lets you pay 30 days after delivery of your new blinds. Pay your way, whether you want to pay in small frequent instalments, weekly or just once at the end of 30 days, it's entirely up to you.

Why not order your free sample from WeLoveBlinds.com today? Call us on 0800 009 2959 or email sales@weloveblinds.com with any queries - one of our team would love to help.

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