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The leaves are changing colour, the pumpkin spice lattes are officially out… Which means its time to put away your summer scented candles and fragrances and introduce those gorgeous Autumnal scents and smells… Here’s our top five tips on how to make your home smell like Autumn!

Here's some of our favourite Mustard Yellow pieces out there right now, how we would style the colour and some of favourite Mustard Yellow blinds to match your decor!


1.   Make or buy a seasonal Wreath!

Believe it or not, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! There are some beautiful Autumnal ones out there that give off that lovely woody natural smell that also make such a cosy addition to your front door or hung up in your living room or kitchen! Here are some of our favourites below, or if you’re feeling ambitious – you could always create your own!

 Here are some our favourite wreaths out there right now!




2.   Potpourri

We know what you’re thinking…. potpourri, really? But seriously, just go with us on this one! So most people associate potpourri as something that your grandma has in her house, but believe it or not – with the correct styling you can incorporate this into your home décor and it also makes your home smell amazing and feel so cosy!

You can buy readymade bags of potpourri in pretty much any homeware shop to save time, or you can easily make your own! Simple gather all your favourite herbs, dried fruit and spices together, place them in a bowl and mix together to your desired appearance. Then add 3-5 drops of essential oils and that’s it!

Tip: The scent should fade after a few weeks so just top your potpourri up with more essential oils! 

We recommend the following ingredients for the ultimate Autumnal scent:

·      Cinnamon sticks

·      Vanilla beans

·      Dried apple slices

·      Candied ginger

·      All spice

·      Dried Orange Peels

And voila! You have your own signature scent and a pretty potpourri arrangement that can be placed in a pretty bag with ribbon, a rustic bowl or plate or however you want to style this! Everyone will be asking “what candle or diffuser is this?” And do you want to know the best part? You can say “I actually made it myself!”

Now that is definitely a win, win if we do say so ourselves!


3.   Get your bake on!

What better way to make your home smell Autumnal than some good old baking! With the new series of bake off back on the telly, it got us inspired to research some Autumnal traditional bakes. From pumpkin breads, and pies to cinnamon rolls and pancakes, there’s plenty of recipes to choose from! Not only will these make your home smell amazing, you will have a lovely dessert for the whole family! Here are some of our favourite recipes that we found: 





4.   Burn a scented candle

An easy way to get your home to smell like Autumn is to simply burn a scented candle! There are so many scents out there, you’re bound to find one to suit your taste! They add such a cosy look aswell during these colder and darker evenings!

Here are some of our current favourites!

Sweater Weather Autumn Candle
Crisp Campfire Apples Candle
Vegan Bunny Pumpkin Pie Candle

5. Spice up your decorative pinecones

Some people may assume that pinecones are just for decoration, but believe it or not you can make them not only look but also smell Autumnal by simply adding some cinnamon essential oils which will last all season long! Such a simple and effect way to introduce Autumnal scents into our home without having to burn any candles. 

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Be sure to let us know if you try any of these methods and tag us on instagram! @weloveblinds and use the hashtag #weloveblinds

Until next time!

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